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1998 Ural Speedometer buzzing and flipping wildly


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8 hours ago, Vance Blosser said:

Congratulations! I don't think they are making those speedos anymore.

Thanks!  It's nice keeping old technology working.


And RussN/Dad, I'm definitely bringing Gort down to visit some time this summer now that I've got new steering head bearings and a working speedometer!  Forest road 23, here I come...

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The new speedometers used on Ural's are 85mm. The old Speedometers used on older Urals and Dneprs are 80mm so the new ones will not fit and they don't make them anymore. When they do show up at sites that sell older Ural or Dnepr parts they are used rebuilt units and are expensive. My Dnepr speedometer works (sort of) but is inaccurate, like all of them. I used a cheap digital bicycle speedometer on my Dnepr that's very accurate and was easy to mount. A magnet attached to the wheel passing by a small pickup sensor tells the speedometer the wheel has rotated one revolution. It's tiny micro computer calculates speed and distance using that information and the wheels diameter you input into it when you set it up. It's very accurate and easy to install. It has it's own internal button battery the instructions say you need to replace once a year. No wiring into the motorcycles electrical system or anything like that. Simple, cheap, easy to use, and easy to install. The on;y thing I had to make was a holder for the magnet because the spokes are way to large to fit the bicycle spokes it was designed for. It has a selection in the setup menu for displaying Kilometres or Miles. We use miles here in the USA so that's what I set mine for. It has a trip odometer which can be used as a sort of fuel gauge. When I fill up the gas tank I reset the trip odometer and when I've gone 140 miles I know I'm close to needing to switch to reserve and fill up once again.

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