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Wheel Bearing Replacement and Spacer Orientation


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I have a question around the orientation of the spacer that fits between the bearings

The spacer has a shoulder on one side and I keep seeing mention of it being important that it's installed the correct way around but no mention as to which way is the correct way

The manual doesn't show a shoulder at all so not much help there and I've been searching the web but no luck with a conclusive find

On the exellent "My Ural" site there is a picture that appears to show the shoulder nearest the threaded part of the spindle prior to insallation

http://myural.com/Wheel Bearing Service or Replacement 033_small.jpg

When I stripped my wheel down the shoulder was facing the opposite way



One wheel bearing was collapsed so of course that could be why ?

Any help clarifying the orientation of the spacer would be appreciated



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All that separation flange with it's mounting shoulder does is keep grease from migrating freely from one bearing to the other so one both have a roughly equal amount of grease. I can't see where placing it in one direction or the other would make any difference. It's just a pressed on fit on the bearing spacer. After I acquired my my Dnepr MT-11 I took all 4 wheel hub bearing assembly’s out to clean and repack them. They had never been apart from the factory. 2 hubs had the separator flange shoulders pointed in one direction and the other two the opposite direction. All four were very lacking in the amount of grease on each bearing. It was obvious whoever assembled them put a single finger in the grease tub and wiped it on the outside of the bearings and called it good enough. No packing grease through the roller pins and cages at all. The Ural hubs are exactly the same internally as Dnepr hubs and parts are interchangeable using common bearings and hardware between them. 

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Thanks for the responses ... much appreciated

It does appear that the spacer can go either way around

During my research I came accross some instructive videos on Youtube ...



This one gives a detailed description of the orientation of the various parts at about 4 minutes and 25 seconds in


The audio is Russian but you can enable "ropey" subtitles in english by using this method ...

On the lower bar on the right hand side of the Youtube video
1. Click on "subtitles/closed captions" to turn on subtitles
2. Then click on the "settings" icon to the right of the "subtitles/closed captions" and click on "subtitles/cc"
3. Click on "Autotranslate"
4. Click on the language you wish to translate to


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I was looking for something that would make installing the bearing races a little easier and provide less risk of damaging them, I came up with this ......

I bought a 33mm deep reach impact socket from ebay and worked the side wall thickness down on the belt sander until it would slide nicely into the hub






Works a treat ....

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