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Finally got my sidecar brake working correctly

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My sidecar brake was never right from the beginning. The first problem was the timing of the cam with the brake actuating arm it's tack welded to. I filed the welds and then cracked them loose with a chisel. I found a square hole punched in the arm that matches a square shoulder on the cam. Whoever punched that square hole didn't get it right. No surprise there! I filed that square hole out so the cam could be properly timed with the arm. I put the arm and cam in position and fitted the brake shoes in place so the cam was held in place and then moved the arm to it's forward stop. Then I used a punch to make timing marks on both so I could weld the arm to the cam correctly. After welding it up I reassembled everything and tested the rear motorcycle and sidecar brakes together with the rear brake pedal. The sidecar brake cable immediately failed. Whoever crimped the cable ferrule did it wrong and that's where the cable failed. Was I surprised again? I'll let you guess that one with only one chance. I had ordered all new cables back when I first acquired my Dnepr so I pulled the new sidecar cable out of my spare parts box and installed it. It didn't fail but it was not right. The cable adjuster had to be run all the way out before the brake pads contacted the brake drum. The new cable was too long. Another nasty surprise! At this point I now had a working sidecar brake so I went with that and started looking for options. I decided I would rebuild my original sidecar brake cable. I measured the old wire cable and found it just slightly smaller than 3/32" wire cable available here in hardware stores along with a 3/32" ferrule and stop together in a blister pack. I went ahead and purchased the 3/32 cable and ferrule pack and took them home. Both cost $3.26 USD with tax. I found the new cable would work perfectly with the old sidecar cable components. I cleaned up all the parts I would be reusing and set about rebuilding the old sidecar cable. It took me about an hour because I checked everything twice, then a third time, before crimping the ferrule and stop on the new 3/32 wire cable. It came out perfect! The sidecar brake shoes have almost no wear and the sidecar brake adjuster is almost at it's minimum setting with the motorcycle and sidecar brakes properly adjusted and both move the equalizing bar the same distance when pressing the brake pedal. A quick ride and brake test confirmed nice smooth straight line braking from the motorcycle rear and sidecar brakes when pressing the rear brake pedal. I'm going to do that same thing to the spare sidecar brake cable too. As it currently is it will only work with new, almost unworn brake shoes. 

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