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Becky back in hospital

Vance Blosser

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Becky was improving very well and had an excellent weekend. She had a follow up with her kidney specialist and they were satisfied enough that her next appointment was set for 4 months. However, on the way home she developed some numbness in her elbow which spread to her hand. I took her to the ER and told them I was suspicious of a stroke and this was shortly confirmed. Due to the fact that I got her there fairly quickly she was well within the window where a clot buster drug could help protect her brain and she was placed in the Intensive Care Unit.

Yesterday she could speak but had aphasia (inability to select the correct word) although the words she got out were clear and distinct.

This morning she is improved, she has regained a lot of function in her left arm. Her remaining limbs and face were mostly unaffected. I have been told she will go to a care facility on discharge for rehab before she can return home.


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So sorry to learn of Becky's continuing medical issues.

She is incredibly fortunate to be with you!


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Sorry for the late reply, my browser had an issue and was NOT showing new pages.

Becky was sent home on 12-31 and is doing pretty well. She speaks normally, just forgets a word now and then. She gets around pretty much on her own. She is having a week full of follow up appointments this week, and more in the weeks to come.

She has some weakness on the left side but is able to use all limbs.

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:smileywaving:Wow!  Thanks for all the prayers and kind words, but where has this post been lurking????  My focus today (03-04-22)  is not on me but getting the invaders out of Ukraine and hoping for safety for the Russian people who have been dragged into this mess.  Life has certainly changed since 01-14-21.  I'm mostly back to normal, driving again, seeing better than I have since I was 10 (I had cataract surgery).  Even had a couple of short road trips.  I did get rid of one doctor (rehab) due to much improvement and much skill by my therapists.  I'd like to get rid of one more - maybe in a few months.  We shall see.  Anyway, thanks for your support and good thoughts - I know they have helped!!  

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