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K750 hinged rear fender

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Hinged fenders are actually two different fenders that mount to each other via the hinge. I don't think anyone reproduces them today due to the higher costs involved. You need one set of press dies for one half of the fender and another set for the other half. Obviously stamping a single fender that can be sold for many if not all of our Russian Bikes is what they are doing today. If you are really determined to have a hinged fender you will need to cut and modify a single peace fender and make the hinge for it along with the brackets that attach the two fenders together with the hinge. It can be done because I've seen it done in custom shops here in the USA. Before the 1980's many Harley Davidson Motorcycles came with hinged rear fenders and reproductions are available here for those motorcycles but buying a fender here in the USA and the cost to ship it to Europe would cost a lot and installing a Harley Davidson fender on your K750 would not be right.l I don't think anyone will fault you for not having a hinged rear fender on your K750. Most people would not even notice because manufacturers no longer make bikes with those hinged fenders. Personally I like hinged fenders and think they are very cool as well as making it a lot easier to get the rear wheel off and back on the bike. 

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Hello, Craft dude. I think your best bet in the EU would be EAST HIGHWAY or OLD TIMERS GARAGE. Both are out of Poland I think. There is also Magnus Henrikkson out of Sweden or Norway....cant remember for sure. May not have spelled his last name correct. But all of these have hinged fenders available from time to time. I also have a K750. I got and old rusted one from Oldtimers Garage. I dont believe you will find a new re pop available. And if you did it would probably be worst than an old one. East Highway will do some leg work for you. Sourcing that is.Just sayin.

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