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Hello, my name is Greg, I live outside of Denver Colorado. I am looking to buy my first Russian bike. I am a fair hand with a wrentch, own my own fabrication shop and this would not be my first bike only my first russian one. I own and ride a Honda cruiser as often as I can. Being that this would be my first russian bike I would prefer one that is as sorted out as possible, and is in Colorado so I can come look at it in person. However I have been doing my reading and am not opposed to a bike that needs some upgrades or fixes If I know what it needs that is, diagnosing issues is not something I'm best at. Age isnt really any issue, I'm mainly looking for a bike to be my adventure bike to go on forest service roads. While I beleive i would prefer a Ural, a Dnepr is not out of the question. My biggest criteria is my budget which is pretty low. If anyone knows of a bike in the area or is selling thiers please let me know. Im excited to be hopefully joining the sidecar army soon.

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sorted out and dnepr is going to be a tuff one, and Diagnosing issues is a must, but if you can re-build your volkswagon your be ok. I suggest you rent one for a week-end before you dive in to the cold water. I think the 2017+ ural's are more modern and can cruse above the dnepr's 45mph safe speed. good luck and stay away from a guy named Yuri.

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I’m going to be putting my much loved 2008 Retro up for sale, but it is in Atlanta. Needs clutch work, selling with a bunch of accessories. I don’t really have dealer support here and am finally done. Have really enjoyed the uniqueness of the Ural, but am going to get an Indian Scout and probably add a hack to it. Let me know if you’re interested before I put the package together and publish to the masses.



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