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can someone tell me what is the color code (better RAL codification) of the paint used for the Russian sidecar (Dnepr MB650)

Doing some research I saw follwing paint used in the old age:

- RAL 6003 Olive green (Wehrmacht)

- RAL 6031 Matt bronze green (NATO green)

- RAL 6025 Fern green (got from RGB code)


I don't know which of the color above is more close to the Soviet green color or if exist another color you can suggest.

Thank you

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If you want the original color you can order it at Arbalet Ukraine. But I don't know if you really want to do it because it is a lite nearly fluorescent green color. It is a bit like the green color used on engines of British Leyland...

So I would go with the olive drape...

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