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g-414 dynamo revival ?

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so, my Dnepr k750 stoped charging the battery, the electronic charging relay from jan-buchwald.dk isn't something I can figure out how to see if it still works, but the dynamo is what that's confuses me.


i have had it pulled apart, cleaned the brushes, cleaned the contacts on the commutator, checked it for shorts, checked the windings for any shorts or brakeges and resolderes them back in there exact locations that they where in before, checked the field winding, and everything checks out fine.


i even tried to "flash" the generator, and no mater what I do, I can only get 0.15v DC when spinning the dam thing at 750rpm (like in this video:



what is it that im doing wrong ? or perhaps might have overlooked

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Have you tried testing it as a motor ?

6 or even 12 volt battery R terminal to + on battery.

W to body of dynamo AND to - on battery.


If my memory is correct the ohms reading on the field coil should be 2.8

Good luck.


yeo, it spins nice and well, and I just tested the field coil, its at 2.9 ohms, so it should be good enough (I think the extra 0.1 ohms, comes from the multimeter wires )

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So if it works as a motor, I cant see any reason why it wont work the other way round as a dynamo, maybe you wernt spinning it fast enough, When i tested one of mine my hand drill wasn't fast enough, But my pillar drill was .


it could be a plausibility, but even at 750rpm, I should at least see 2V, not 0.15V :/ hmmm..

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I finally managed to get the dynamo to work again, it turned out to be one of the coals that didn't deliver power correctly, it seemed to be where the wire was inserted into the coal, but after changing that, I got around 4.3V DC out of the dynamo, when spinning it at 750rpm, and after I paired it with a new used mechanical voltage regulator (original model for my bike, PP302), the bike charges the battery with no problem :D

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