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Project MB650

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Dear all,

first bunch of question:

  • what is the start and end of production of the MB650?
  • Were there MB650 with differential lock? yes or no? I attached table from Mr. Ernie Franke and seems yes, altough other guys said MB650 was only without lock.
  • if there were lock, where should be the locking differential instruction plate?
  • where should be the plates in attached file?

Thank you



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Hi Aronbike,

I've found Ernie Franke's information is pretty good as regards years and such.

I've fitted a locking differential from an older MB750 to my bike (OHV 650), with the heavier sidecar driveshaft, but I had to weld the actuation lever pivot to the frame as it wasn't fitted to later bikes.

All the parts are advertised by Oldtimer Garage in Poland to convert your non-locking diff. to a locking one, but you'll need some machining skills to fit the locker to your diff. (and some money).

The instruction plate for the diff. lock is attached to the toolbox lid on the older teardrop petrol tank, where you might have mounted the greasing point schematic plate. I don't think the later 'breadbox' (square) tank has anywhere to mount the instruction plate, but by then I think they had deleted the locker.

The round-ended plate of the two in your photo is the VIN plate and goes on the steering headstock, held on by two screws (at least on MT9/10/16 bikes). I don't recognise the square plate - none of my bikes had it - but I'd guess it's the max load info. My Ukrainian/Russian isn't up to translating it.

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