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Dnepr K750 1969 swingarm and driveshaft removal.

Connaught Dnepr

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Good evening gentlemen.


I am assisting with taking the bike to bits for restoration.

I need to remove the swingarm.

I understand the left pivot pin needs to come out.

The metal cover and rubber bush are out.

There is no bolt in the centre.

Do I simply rotate the pivot using the slot as a n aid to rotate ?


The other question I have is that the driveshaft is splined into the coupling plate at the gearbox end.

Is it held in the coupling with a C clip.?





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The pivot pin you refer to is clamped into the swing arm with two bolts that run vertically through the swing arm casting. Both exert clamping force but one of the two also passes through an annular groove in the pin as a fail safe in case the bolts come loose.

Remove these bolts and if the pin is still tight you can play with penetrating oil or heat using the slot as an easy point of rotation. Mine was rusted in badly so I hammered the tip of a flat blade screwdriver in to force the clamp apart before I could work it out.


Not sure what you mean by coupling plate. There are two prongs on the cardan shaft that are pressed into the rubber coupling disk behind the gearbox. There is no clip holding this in, only friction. Is the final drive and universal removed?

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Thank you for your advice. Yes Im up to speed now on the swingarm pivot.


The cardan shaft is splined into the two prong plate at the rubber donut. Is there a spring clip locating the shaft in this plate ?


I haven't undone the universal joint at this point. I have undone the 4 bolts securing the bevel drive unit to the swingarm.


Cheers !


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To my knowledge this splined joint does not come apart, maybe someone else knows better. I think it’s a factory press fit and may have a pin driven through both components before it was chromed over. I’ve never had mine apart.


I don’t know if the k750 has different clearances than an MT 10 36 when it comes to gearbox removal or cardan shaft removal but here are the steps I have to follow.


Unbolt final drive and pull it off the Cardan shaft from the rear complete with universal. Check locking ring position where the shaft enters the universal beforehand. A few taps with a rubber mallet may be required. Note the cover over the universal is a left hand thread.


Pull cardan shaft out of rubber disk. Remove rubber disk from gearbox. Unbolt and slide back gearbox, then remove. It’s a bit of a swear fest, if I remember correctly I cannot remove the cardan shaft from the swing arm until the gearbox is out.





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