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1990 Dnepr MT11


Bought this bike out in Kiev, Ukraine for a road trip and my plans changed. It's a ton of fun, put down 180km today and had a blast. I'd like to sell ASAP so best offer takes it. It was professionally restored in 2017 and has had 1100km put on since then. Since buying I've replaced the hoses and filters to get it as ready as possible for a trip around the Black Sea.

The bike is in great shape but as all users of this forum understand, it's a soviet piece of machinery.

- 650 cc

- The frame and all small parts are painted with powder paint.

- It has an enlarged aluminum oil pan with an oil filter.

- Bridge 9ka.

- Ignition-microprocessor

- Carburetors k68 (original)

- Motorcycle titled to me for transport and sale abroad

- Everything works, the oil doesn't leak


Delivery: You can arrange pick up and delivery, or I can. Buyer pays shipping, I think it'll be under $1000 I guess it depends on where you are.


Payment: Zelle or Paypal, no strange stuff, scammers, or long stories.


Email me: abusinessguy@gmail.com






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