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I have no experience with cleaning Slime from wheels.

Assuming you have Russian wheels with spokes, leaking tubes are usually the issue.

Slime goes into the tubes and may never get on the insides of the rims.

Also, slime may unbalance the wheels.

I would identify the cause of the flats first. Install good quality tubes if they are the culprit.


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I was just wondering if slime was more work than it was worth, I've never used the stuff before and thought maybe that it would be a good safety option just to get you somewhere so that you can repair the flat

Some one I just talked to today said don't use it.

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I used it years ago. It works but is a hassle to get in through the valve stem as it is pretty thick in order to do it's job. As posted it washes off with soap and water. If you don't ride your bike much it can settle to the bottom of the wheel and set up, unbalancing the tire as Russ said.


I think if I was going to use a product to get home in case of an emergency I'd go with one of the pressurized sealant cans. You'll probably be disposing of the tube anyway if it was damaged. A spare inner tube is good insurance although kind of a pain to change on the road. But having one is kind of like voodoo repair - usually if you have a spare part, that part won't fail.

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A better product is Ride-On tire sealant and balancer. Seals and balances at the same time. Some bike shops carry it or Amazon or Walmart online. Good stuff


I agree Ride On is an excellent product. The first thing I did to my 2019 Gear Up was add Ride On in all tires. In my touring years, Ride On saved me many times.

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