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clutch gone bad ? k750


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hello fellow people of the internet, i was wondering if any of you have encountered the same problem/symptoms as i have.


i was on my way to a family birthday party on my dnepr k750, when the bike suddenly died on me, so i tried to turn the engine over, but the kickstarter didn't turn the engine over, but it did move and sounded like it always did from the gearbox, but it felt like, that the clutch didn't "grip" the enige, but more like 2 brake shoes was being pressed agains the clutch, much like a bicycle front wheel when you pull the brake on one of those, i even loosened the clutch cable and the gear shifter clutch screw thingy, just to be sure, that it wasn't any of those being problematic.


But when i pulled the clutch, the kickstarter could move freely without any problems, i didn't hear any strange sounds or any different behavires from the motor, until it out of the blue died on my :/


but since i won't have time to get to work on it, for the next week, i thought that maybe some of you can tell me, if it is just the clutch that needs to be changed, or if any of you might know, if it can be something more then just that

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Pulled the Plugs and verified the pistons are moving??? What kind of Noise emanated from engine just before it died..

Leaning toward a Lack of lubrication problem..causing siezed rings... based on extremely limited Info..

But... Quite the Introduction ya gots there...

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I do not think there is any problem with the clutch, from your description.

It engages properly for the rear wheel rotation to cause the engine to move.


If the transmission is in neutral, will the bike roll freely with no engine movement?

You said it will move the engine when in gear, so that's normal too.


The kick starter should move the engine in all gears (causing the rear wheel to move), and in neutral, moving only the engine.

The one symptom you noted that is not correct is that the kick starter will not engage the engine.

It is part of the motor, not the transmission. So that isolates the problem to the motor.


Even if my understanding is not correct, the known fact you stated is that the kick starter will not cause the engine to rotate, when it is kicked down.

I would consider that your real problem to be solved. That could also relate to the engine suddenly stopping.

A slipping clutch would still allow the engine to run, and not stop it.


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well it seems like that it wants to turn the engine over when it is pushed when in gear, but it is not something i can judge and tell, if it feels like how it should be, but when i put it in gear, and try to kick it over, it does kinda move forward just a tiny bit, like your can feel that there is some connection, but otherwise the kickstarter just "slides" down, just like when im trying to start the bike,

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The bike stopping/stalling and the kickstarter failing to engage could be unrelated?


If rolling the bike forward, in gear, turns the engine over then that proves connection between the rear wheel>final drive>gearbox>clutch>engine.

I assume that if you disengage the clutch, i.e. pull in the clutch lever, that this connection is "lost" (which is what should happen, as the clutch joins the engine to gearbox..)


I haven't ever had a russian gearbox in bits (yet) to diagnose whether the kickstart can become disengaged .... I know it can happen in other (early british ) gearboxes I have dismantled.

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