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All the Nippers here are humming right along! Great times..


MT-11 rig with the rebuilt K-65s is a one kick wonder now. The 95 Tourist with the TiChi carbs work the treat too!


Ordered some nipper switch housings to change the Patrol over to the old type 2 cable system. I may have to swap bars too.


Otherwise---keep 'em Rollin on the road guys. We have an awesome hobby here..


BTW- Take some time to help another RI dude out if you can... I have had several Nipper/Ural dudes ring or email for some help... Its all part of the fun.


Stay Safe,


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Yeah, reworked the brakes last week before leaving for work. I didn't have time to ops check them on the road, just the driveway. Little more tweaking and a cross town run yesterday and I'm pretty pleased. I'm going to have to readjust my braking points to account for actually having brakes that work now.


Yep, good to be out and about.

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1000km on the Tourist with the Ci-Com or TiChi carbs.. Runs great.. I was really nervous about them. Wanted to put the OEM carbs back on her, but as of now, I don't see why. The only issues I have are the throttle cables are a bit long and sometime hang up due to having too much freeplay..



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