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Brakes a total disaster, the drums are so bad the motorcycle oscillates when the brakes are applied and I need to get them machines.


Just a regular Dnepr. I have the same problem on the front wheel.



But I have a stupid grin on my face for two days now....


I know the feeling.

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Glad to read that you are On the Road. Stupid Grin I understand.


At my home the snow finally cleared so I can get the Urals out, but I'm soon headed to a right shoulder rebuild.

So no motorcycling for me for several months. And the gorgeous riding weather is appearing periodically now!


Keep grinning and putting on the ks.

I'll be waiting for more of your reports.


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Thanks for the encouragement guys. I rode to work yet again today, another 50 km and had the same enjoyment. The hot starting is definitely getting easier but I’m at a loss to know what’s changed. I try starting without tickling the carbs and sometimes it starts immediately, if it doesn’t I flood the carbs as Luca recommended and it starts but maybe takes a bit longer.


I also came home on the highway at 85 km/hr, not wanting to stress the engine before it’s broken in. It handled fine at this speed, I might have done 90 for a bit but not much.


I have a long list of things to do but I suppose with a Dnepr there is always going to be things to fix. I’m hoping to have the sidecar completed by the end of May.


Thanks again guys.

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Thanks for YOUR encouragement, Northernduck!

My right arm/shoulder will be positioned motionless for 6 weeks!

Fortunately, I'm pretty good doing tasks with either arm/hand and my left arm will carry the day.

Well, for 40+ days anyway. I'm not looking forward to that!

But the rebuild should give me a functional right shoulder until I croak my final time.


Keep riding so I get some vicarious motorcycle entertainment!

I trust I'll get back on my Urals sometime this summer.


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Just back from overseas and took the Dnepr for a 100 km ride. It ran very well but the kicker is that the hot starting difficulty is gone altogether, it starts in one or two kicks every time! What changed? - I installed new BP7ES plugs, I had BP7RES previously, doubling the resistance with the NGK caps. Luca, what plugs are you using?


Lots of things to fix still, the vent on the final drive blows oil onto the rear tyre at highway speed, some poor engineering here. Glad the roads were dry today or I might have found out about this the hard way....





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So I have about 95 things to do to finish the project, of course once these things are done then some of the older parts will wear out and the process will start again. Maybe this is a good thing, because if the motorcycle was finished I'd get itchy and start looking to buy another wreck.


I had to finish repairing my Ducati ST2 this week, a tree fell on it (again) and smashed the seat, turn signals and other parts. I took it for a test ride and nearly went over the handlebars the first time I applied the brakes. I had gotten used to the stopping power of the Dnepr, where slowing down is planned 2km in advance.


I turned my attention to the air filter which didn't sit well into the aluminum casting of the gearbox - years of tightening the grubs screws had left depressions in the metal such that tightening cause the unit to lift upwards, allowing air to bypass the oil bath. I filled the depressions with lead-free solder, filed to profile and drilled some starter holes to accurately catch the tips of the grub screws. Turned out well, just need to repaint and find a good seal to insert between the filter unit and the casting. Only 94 jobs left now.....


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The new tonneau also arrived this week, the old one was mostly devoured by rodents that developed a taste for KMZ products. They had the seat for dessert.


I ordered it from Vostok and it was made in Poland. I'm pleased with the quality, it's good and thick although not real leather of course. I was annoyed to find that the straps do not have holes to catch the studs on the sidecar body, but a friend of mine has a leather punch kit and crimping tool to put in the reinforcing rings. Job number 93.....


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I also took a last ride on the Dnepr before putting it back on the motorcycle stand for a week or two. I really need to get all the wheels to a machine shop to have the drums turned. I just have to figure out how to balance the motorcycle on the stand with no wheels attached. Sounds like a recipe for disaster.


Also, a good time to really dig in to the PP330 regulator and get the charging system working properly. Stay tuned to Dneprworld.


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Hi racepres, I’ve never come across documentation to support this although I’ve looked repeatedly. There were references to this on the old vintage cranks website, Facebook and for sale adds. Yet I’ve never found a newspaper or magazine article to support the claim and just how these bikes were retailed. On the supporting side of the argument, any claims to what is a wheat bike seems limited to mt10.36 models around 1980. I’ll keep digging.

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