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Back on the road


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Hey all, I got the Dnepr back up and running. I've been parked for the last five or so years, life just kept getting in the way.


I was getting a heavy vibration that increased with RPM. I had suspected the clutch screws had come loose. Well, years later I pulled

the trans and yes, two screws were loose and one the head had half departed.This was my own fault as I reused the same screws

when I redid the clutch a few years before. So, I learned not to be so cheap. I picked up a set of upgrade screws from Ural Zentral for

a wopping 8 bucks. A little cussing and the old screws came out, the new went in with some red Loctite. Not gonna mess with those for a

while. Little messing around with the carbs and it fired up and ran smooth.


I've been running around town just fine. Happy to be on three wheels.

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