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Warning !


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Hello you all,


watch out, there is a Harley WLA and an M72 offerd by the same guy in Russia but the seller does not deliver !!! Payment is made via Paypall, but you can save yourself the effort. Unfortunately, there are people walking around on this earth who are only out for one thing at the expense of others.

I hope this warning comes on time.



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I got done.

I am trying to get my money back through paypal right now.

The seller (ural timur or other names ie. Isaav gos or Isayev Teimuraz) is claiming to paypal that he shipped my parts on a vehicle.

I hope I get my money back, through paypal, as it's quite a bit.


Would anyone be prepared to help support me, if I need it ?

I am very worried that Paypal will not find in my favour and it may help to be able to provide evidence of other people who also got scammed.

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Been in contact with Rich, who has similar issues.

We have exchanged paypal escalation numbers


I have phoned up paypal this morning to report all this.

I am not teh first- This seller has, apparantly, multiple open cases against him (they wouldn't tell me exactly how many) but his account is on hold.

They urged me to ask anyone who currently has a dealings with him, over paypal, and doesn't have their goods to contact them.


Unfortunately, my case needs to follow process anyway.

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