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M72 - overheating right cylinder

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Hi Guys - started her up after some months and the right cylinder is hot, very hot, around 230 degrees c/w left at around 150. I can't get rid of this symptom. I've replaced points, checked plugs (NGK 6's) and points gap, checked advance / retard mechanism, fitted new carb gaskets, checked fuel getting to carbs, cleaned carbs, checked compression at around 75 psi on both sides, checked valve clearances.


I believe the right cylinder is generating more power, as when you take off the plug caps when running, the right cylinder is more responsive.


I'm thinking of; replacing the distributor cap and rotor arm, cleaning the carb again on left side, checking exact timing for both sides with distance of piston from TDC, but am running out of ideas.


Can anyone help???





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Yeah, like said above, it sounds more like a carb problem ..swopping them around would tell you for sure if you move the problem ..but balancing them properly would help no end. I know people use all sorts of gadgets for doin it but i always found just stickin my fingers in will tell me when they are lifting together ..then playin about with the idle setting and mixture to find the optimum

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