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Dnepr 650 - fast project

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Hi, Luca

Please keep the posts coming. Your work is great and the information is extremely useful.

Thanks for taking the time to share your knowledge and experience.

Ride safe



Thank you for your apreciations Jim!


The posts will come (engine, gearbox and rear drive are ready) but this is not a rebuild, like I said is a fast project and that is because this bike has only 4700 km. All the parts will be disassembled verified and reassembled, it will not be so much info and tips but I will begin soon to rebuild a Dnepr engine and that will be a good topic to collect some infos: http://www.russianiron.com/forums/index.php?showtopic=15701.

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While I was disassembling the bike I have observed that every bolt was original and never opened. I took a look at speedometer and there it was: 4700km!!!!




First time I did not give any importance to the speedometer because it was opened and painted by the previous owner but the bike is perfect, good engine, good transmission, good suspension. I have found out that the bike had some electrical problems with the ignition (dead coil and capacitor) and that was the reason for these real kilometers.

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When i have opened this engine I have found the parts in a very good shape but with some minor problems from the factory. The camshaft gear has touched the front aluminium housing and some aluminum filings has arrived in the oil and also got stucked on the shell bearings:




Fortunately the crankshaft is ok, there are no problems. So I just have to change the shell bearings and it will be exactly like new.


Another problem was some loosen bolts to the camshaft housing but they were in their place and the rear seal was mounted in a maner to loose alot of oil, it has an inclination. That is why the engine is so dirty on the lower part.

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The crankshaft, opened and cleaned very well outside and inside:




New standard shell bearings:




And the crank is ready to be assembled, what you see in red is a kind of factory paint:




This crank was not very dirty inside but this one from another engine is:


So, always clean this engines if you don't know the maintenance history of the engine, even if it has low mileage.

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So, always clean this engines if you don't know the maintenance history of the engine, even if it has low mileage.


Probably a Good Idea...But

I think you are happy!

You are correct!!!


Long as the thing works as well as it does...I don't think I have the ability to make it "Better"

Keep showing what you are up to..One Day we are all gonna have to go where you are at!!!

These kinds of Posts are a Particularly Valuable Resource...

Thanks for the Time and Pictures...Important Details...

Your Sharing this is Appreciated....

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So, I have buyed new bearings for the crankshaft, the old ones were very good but the problem is there was two NJ209 bearings (probably by mistake?!) and the crank was playing to front and back 1-2mm. Usualy they put 6209 bearing with balls and NJ209 bearing with roller for the back. So the 6209 bearing is keeping the crank fixed in the housing and does not alow to play to front and back.




The NJ209 roller bearing for the rear:





The 6209 C3 bearing for the front of the crank:



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The camshaft and the bearings are like new and that is good because I don't have to extract the gear for cahnging bearings:






And the camshaft and oil pump gear are mounted, for the camshaft bolts housing I have used Loctite to secure them.



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