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Any Dnepr gurus in Denver Metro Area?

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did you try replacing the seal between carb and head?


thanks, but not yet...if I understand things correctly, a problem with the seal here would be too much air, not too much fuel?


it's something that needs to be done of course, once we get past the fuel issue.

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No fan of the K68s.


Get a set of K65Ts.

Set needle in middle position.

Install the small engine float needles.

Locktite the main jet post per http://www.russianir...k6365_carbs.htm

Done. Likely for many many years.


Thanks, the rig did come with K65 carburetors but one was leaking quite badly, which is why the owner went to K68 carbs.

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The K65s are correct for the 650 Dnepr.

K68s were never factory installed.

K65Ts have 165 jets

K68Us have 190 jets


The leaking issue is the o-ring on the float needle. Probably eroded from using ethanol fuel.

Eventually the K68 will do the same.


Your owner sounds like they are a bit stubborn.

Best o luck.

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