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Any Dnepr gurus in Denver Metro Area?

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Ural owner here, experienced with these rigs but have been contacted by a guy who thought he was buying a Ural but really has a Dnepr.


He's having issues getting the left jug to fire, apparently he can get the engine running but the left jug doesn't heat up and the plug comes out all sooty and wet with fuel.


He's also got a leaking Pekar carburetor which I hope to help him swap out with a new one this coming Sunday.


As I don't have experience with Dneprs, I am asking here if there's anyone experience with Dneprs that could perhaps lend a hand with this rig to get him on the road?





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NIce one ..good luck with it ..the blog sounds like stating the obvious but i found it really helpful as we sometimes get a little carried away with diagnosing faults and often forget the basics ...check out F2's other blogs :)

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So, we think we found the no spark issue, the PowerArc coil wasn't ground properly. Got both cylinders firing, briefly. Then because one of the K65 carbs was leaking, owner elected to replace them with new K68 carbs. No more leaks, however, having issues with getting the engine to start again, believe it to be flooding issues.


Owner reports that from horizontal position, moving the floats downwards just "a bit" starts fuel flow and putting back to horizontal stops the flow. (I'll be onsite this morning and we'll do the float check with the carbs upside to ensure the 13mm gap.)


Have adjusted fuel mixture screw all the way from 1.5 turns out from soft seat to 3/4 turns out from soft seat (they came from factory that way). No joy.


Have also tried idle screw setting from all the way out to about 2 turns in which raises the slide up about 2mm (will try the drill bit method of measuring this gap today), no joy. Starter just cranks and cranks but engine doesn't "catch".


Now wondering if perhaps new carbs are mis-assembled when owner replaced the carbs, causing them to flood the cylinders with too much gas during startup.


note: idle jet is 55, is this correct jet size? Main jet is 165 (came from factory with 250 jet but since we can't get it to start and idle, this jet is not in play yet).


One spark plug cable ohms out at 4800 while the other is at 3600, will try a new spark plug cable today along with new plugs in case the existing ones are fouled.


Question: What setting do you K68 carb users set your nozzle needle at? 2 or 3? Going to see what the K68 carbs the owner has installed are set at this morning.


Question: what size idle jet are you using if using K68 carburetors on your Dnepr?


Question: what make/model spark plug are you using on your Dnepr with K68 carburetors?


Question: How easy is it to mis-assemble the K68 carburetor (yes, am aware they're "handed" in terms of which side they go on) but more worried about the slide's orientation.


Anything else to check in terms of fuel supply? it's definitely flooding as sometimes during engine cranking fuel can be seen spitting out of the rear opening of the carburetors (air tubes not hooked up for now).

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Thanks for commenting Jim.MT10. Discovered (upon consultation with Bural) that owner had installed his slides backwards when he swapped the carbs to be on the correct side of the engine respectively.


Now the air/fuel mixture screw actually worked better, we kinda got it to idle now but now right side cylinder not firing. We believe it to be a gas fouled spark plug on the right jug, swapped it with the left side jug (very sooty but at least firing) and we couldn't get it to start and idle so work stopped till owner purchases more spark plugs. Still would like to know from you Dnepr owners out there which spark plugs work for your respective rigs? As he's got a powerarc, I've asked him to query Powerarc support for both the process to verify his coil is not faulty and what plugs they recommend.


So, progress made, slowly but surely.

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Still would like to know from you Dnepr owners out there which spark plugs work for your respective rigs?


Confirm you have 3/4" reach heads. If so, I would suggest Autolite 63s.


Funny you mention the autolites....they're the ones the owner picked up, but apparently the ones he got fouled easily. He's got a powerarc ignition on the rig and the PA people are saying NGK bpr7es so that's what he's picking up apparently. Oh, and yes, 3/4 inch heads. Thanks for commenting.

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I have found the quality of the NGK lacking. One day you will come out and the thing runs like crap.

Replace the NGKs and all better. I had this happened a couple times as did a friend. Went Autolite and hasn't happened since.

I don't want to jinx the situation, but there is probably a different reason for the fouling.

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Bosch Platinum +4's, part number 4419

These are long reach plugs. I've had the same plugs in my Dnepr for 12 years and never had them foul.


had the same thing with Champions [sorry don't recall the Number] they clear themselves from fouling by simply lifting [be careful] the plug wire away a bit..


Ain't been 12 Years tho...

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thank you all for your comments and suggestions.


the owner went with plugs suggested to him by the C5ignition support guy to go with the C5ignition/powerarc ignition system his dnepr has. He also got new spark plug cables that are longer than the ones that showed up with the rig.


with the k68 carbs (or what we believe are k68 carbs) idle mixture and idle stop screws in default start positions, once he gets the engine to start, now only the left cylinder is firing (before it was the right cylinder that was firing). So somehow, we've transfered the non-firing cylinder issue from left side to right side!


tried moving the left side spark plug cable (that was firing) to the right side spark plug and vice versa. no joy, still nothing on right side, and yes we used a new plug as the previous plug was wet with gas.


tried swapping the carburetors to see if the non-firing cylinder followed the carburetor, nope, right side still no joy and left cylinder continues to fire and yes, we used another new spark plug.


Kurt, the owner is quite frustrated with the carburetors. Can anyone in this forum perhaps respond with a link to what they believe are a good set of carburetors for this dnepr engine? He'd rather get a set of K68 carburetors that are known to be from a good source, the ones he bought online he no longer trusts.


one question for you K68 carburetor users. is the idle air mixture screw seemingly a little loose when turned out CCW 1.5 turns from soft seat? The ones on Kurt's carburetors are somewhat loose.


Anyway, if you've bought a set of K68 or other suitable for dnepr engine carburetors from ebay or other online source, I'd appreciate you posting a link to a similar offering from that vendor. thanks in advance.

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