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americans on a russian border


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Today May Eight is Victory Europe Day where I live. Tomorrow is День Победы or Victory Day in the former Soviet Union and present day Russia. Murikans have no idea of world history! They have no idea that General Zhukov caused Pearl Harbour by defeating the JIA at Khalkhin Gol. They don't know that he conquered Berlin. They don't know that he ended the Pacific War by defeating the JIA in Manchuko. They remain ignorant - slaves to Hollywood. I guarantee none of them even know that there is a statue to Marshal Zhukov in Irbit.


Let's give praise to the Septics who haven't won a war since the Spanish-American (False Flag) War, except Grenada!

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OK getting back to it.

I a from a country that has had the biggest Empire in the history of the world. Great Briton. Good old Blighty.Rule Britannia. The history of my country will some way be relevant to most here.

Our past has been proberly some of the most bloody in the world. We owned at some point 2 thirds of the world. India ,America ,Australia,New Zealand ,half of Africa .Canada most of.The list goes on.WE did it by the sword and cannon and being so horrible most will not believe. My history is responsible or millions of dead. But it was not done by me....

I have had the privilege to travel to many many countries. I leave my colonial past behind me when I get on the plane or boat.

Like most here we are all just pawns In their dam game of politics .I love to meet new people from all over the world.Only had one bad experience getting bottled walking home in Thailand waking up in blood and finding myself robbed. I love people and will not let this bad experience make me hate Thai people .

Good and bad everwhere . I was always told people from the East were not to be trusted ( cold war ).Being a soldier.

Through this site I have made good friends with Luca and his good friend Emilian from Romania.... These guys are so helpful ,trusting ,honest .good men.It for me is an honour for them to call me friend.

Maby we could remove the political element and get to just being mad bastards that have great bikes.

My love to all.Lets hope one day we all can live in peace and respect for each other.

My best regards Pete

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