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choice problem


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need something for travel with friends. yamaha ybr125 run faster then my old irons.


I put my view to some bikes for sale in SPB (you write StPete)

enfield EFI 20k km 2500 usd


yamaha sr500 8k km 2800 usd (3000 )

http://autobike.ru/i...SR500-1 011.jpg

honda xlr250 1990 8k km 2500 usd




or yamaha ybr 125 chinese made 2013..2014 price about 1100..1200 usd..

lot of bikes for sale....tipical view



Really i don't want to buy bike what I feel losе money, but need something universe for highway ,gravel and forest with 100 kmh long speed and small fuel.

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View from Bams motors workshop. The Sportster was first bike for not young musician who dreamed about harley long time. As resalt...accident. No body died. But bones broken also fork, frame primary cover hole. Now The Owner thinks more about his helf than about bike destiny.

Or you mean sportster for me? Too much power. Modern rubber mount I don't like. Expensive. I had it in 90es...crossed town before choke off. But muffler sound was very good.lot of modern harleys arrownd it looks usual...more than soviet sidecars.

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PcXIVaaqwd0.jpgrun yamaha ybr 125. added soviet bicycle from 80es (11 kg) for dry weather . sidecar dnepr last run was in 2016

used yacht on yhe blocket.se are from 1000 usd. ready for go. not need any papers for fun. My buddy bought one and get fun now with wife and two dogs. But he was already couple times on the Novaya zemlya by self-made playwood boat. https://zen.yandex.ru/sevprostor

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