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Hi. New member

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Well, I'll jump in....welcome to the forum Harry.

I know little to nothing about Izh's. I'd bet there are a few folks on this site who do though.

If you ever decide having two WLA's is just too much of a burden :wink: I'm seriously in the market for one.

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These actually belong to my niece. She brought them back with her & I offered to go through this one and the wla's. The Izh looked like it would be simpler to get roadworthy, although one wla is pretty close too but needs some body work' The Izh really caught my eye for the lines and box spring frame. Hand and foot shift.

Put battery in it last week & no spark. Have now rewired entirely &7 took carb apart & cleaned it up. Float was glued to bottom of bowl. Dumped gear case oil & to my suprize it looked new. Taillight still a dead short so disconnected for now. Will figure out how to insulate it next week.

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