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BURP 2017?

Becky Blosser

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The 2017 BURP rally will be held July 7-9 2017 at the beautiful Willville Motorcycle Campground located less than a mile off the Blue Ridge Parkway near Meadows of Dan, Virginia.


Open to all Ural and Dnepr owners and other Eastern European brands, as well as anybody else that wants to come !


Anyone interested in camping during the rally should register with Will Beers through the Willville Campground website or by calling 276.952.CAMP. The campground is for motorcycles and motorcycle towed trailers only, but if you trailer your rig, there is a parking area where you can park your car or truck w/trailer away from the camping area. There are several motels nearby, also some B&B’s if you do not camp.


Dinner will be provided Saturday night at the camp pavilion. Come play on the Parkway !


Ideally located less than one mile from the Blue Ridge Parkway in the beautiful Blue Ridge Mountains of Virginia, Willville is set in an area that offers some of the best roads and scenery for the ultimate motorcycling experience.

The secluded campground sits within a 26 acre wooded park providing privacy from the main road while still offering easy access. The campground is designed for motorcycle traffic only, however, there is ample parking outside the campground (within the park) for those who wish to trailer their motorcycles.


Amenities at Willville Motorcycle Camp:

•Comfortable Campsites

•Motorcycle Traffic Only


•Auto/Trailer Parking available

•Bathhouse Facilities

•Picnic Tables

•Ice & Charcoal

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  • 2 months later...

Hi Guys N Gals, Plan on heading down, gunna stay at RV park close by. Looks like Utts Campground is near, unless someone has a better option. Is there a set itinerary besides the Sat dinner... rides etc...??

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There are usually group rides but they are pretty free form. Part of the group may go to one place and others to another destination. Usually you can get a general idea Friday evening of Saturday's plans. If you aren't there Friday you can find out Saturday morning at the campground.

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