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PZ26 adjustments


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Hi there fellow bikers.

I am trying to adjust the carbs on my M72 with the 750 side valve engine and I can't find out what is the purpose of those extra adjusting screws.

There seams to be one more adjusting screw on my carbs then there is on both the K37 and the PZ28?

All help on this matter will be appreciated.

Many thanks.


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In varoius PZ** diagrams its described as " Filter of Auxiliary Air Duct Idle Jet" - could be poor russian/chinese > english translation.

I know it as the "Idle Air Circuit Atmospheric Vent"


From what i understand, you shouldn't need to adjust this. just make sure its not loose.


my PZ28s have this atmospheric vent on them too..

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Hey Odin. The idle circuit bypasses the throttle plate or slide with a alternate venturi to syphon just enough fuel to run at idle that it mixes with atomospheric air. Perhaps that is a adjustment to restrict or increase the available air to the idle circuit for altitude? What kind of carbs are they?

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