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So, the frame. I have inpsected all the holes and threads and they are perfect. The single problem was the battery tray which it was cracked. I have begun with the swingarm dismount, the swingarm has a bolt which has to be extracted and is not very difficult but if the bolt is rusted in can make problems if you don't know how to diassemble this part.


First step is to heat up the area with the bolt inside:




For an easy extraction I have used a weight extractor with a bolt fastened in the swingarm bolt:




A little magic trick with the smoke and it was extracted very easily:



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As you know this project was abandoned for a while for a fast rebuild of a Dnepr 650, now this project is almost ready and I have begun again to work on this K750. Tomorow I will start the engine, ir was rebuilt six months ago in may but it was never started. So tomorow I will start the engine:






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So, I had the time to start the engine for the K750. It took me a while because this project is not urgent anymore and I had also some problems with the new carbs. I have bought this PZ28 carbs from ebay and it was impossible to start the engine with them. It started only for 2-3 seconds with the gas received from flooding the carbs. So, at a closer look I have seen the jets are to small (92) and I have made a larger hole in the jets with a 1.5mm drill and only this way I managed to start the engine with these carbs.



The rattling noise is from Ural test gearbox, ia have to add some oil. The engine is running good, it revs good and it has a nice running noise. :smile:

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