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My dear comrades,


For the victory of the socialism and for the greater good of the working class :laugh: I have begun to work at the new project: KMZ K750 first model with the short frame.



I have buyed this bike as parts, ones I had the frame, after that the sidecar, the engine, I have found a fork and a gearbox, I had the luck to find at a very good price two new Dnepr complete wheels and I am still buying... The bike has no document but I estimate the production year of the frame is from the '50s.


I have started as always with the engine, I have picked a good engine housing with no cracks or threads problems:







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What exactly pistons you used? Why not original rings?


There are some BMW 320 pistons which will be machined in the top in order to reduce the compression height (not ratio). These are used pistons but in a good shape and I have the advantage of being very stable in warm conditions because these already have thousand of cycle already made. I have used this method at the the rebuilding of he's engine and it worked just fine.


In the meantime I have discovered other pistons (VW Golf Mk1 1600cc engine) wich are suitable for this engine and used them at other engines rebuilds: http://motorist.ro/viewtopic.php?f=30&t=343


Original pistons... it is hard to find realy original parts (NOS parts) and when you find they are expensive. Also they don't have the quality of modern pistons and rings.

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So, I have been working but did not have the time to post the evolution of my work. I have cleaned up the oil slingers which always ar full of dirt:




The removed dirt:




For an easy cleaning you have to heat them up well with a torch, if you try washing the slingers will not help. It is very important to have good and cleaned oil slinger. After the cleaning are like new:





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This bolt is good for cleaning the oil chanel, it helps to eliminate the dirt when you clean the engine with solvents:






Assembling the front bearing housing:




The bolt are for pressing directly to right position, heating the engine housing it helps.




The front bearing:




Rear bearing with the presure protection washer for the oil seal:



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New old style felt seal for the rear and the sanded rear housing crank bearing:






Also the speing washer for the rear seal protection:




This part is pressing the rear washer onto the bearing and protect the rear seal from the pressure generated by the pistons movement inside the engine.

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