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Its about time to introduce myself And my 1994 Ural 650 :-)

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Hi there :-) My name is Roy, I live in Norway, And heres the story about my 1994 URAL 650.


The bike was imported to Norway in 1994 (Built in 1986) The first owner used the bike from 30/3 1994 to 30/9 1994 He took off the sidecar after the first few miles, And it was never to be mounted to the bike by him again.. The exhaust valve hit the piston after only 2357 km (Right side cylinder) The bike had not been started after that...The sidecar was left outside the first winter, And then one day when plowing snow he "accidently" smashed Into the sidecar with the tractor ...The tub was badly dented but the sidecar frame, Wheel and fender was ok.. At this point the first owner gave up.. In 2005 the bike was sold to the second owner who just took the heads off the engine, And left it standing in a barn........... I bought it 22/9-2016.

A couple of days ago i finished the rebuild of the engine, I changed the pistons, Rings, Pins, Gaskets, Valves, Valvesprings, Retainers, Locks, Pushrods, Rocker arms, Cylinderhead studs/Nuts, Spark plugs, Spark plug caps,I changed all the oils and oil filter, A new ignition lock with keys(The second owner had lost the keys),Carburetor rebuild kits for both carburetors(Pekar 65), New gas lines, New petcock, A battery, Filled up the clean gas tank with fresh gas with a tad of two stroke oil just to be on the safe side, Gave it some choke.. Gave it a kick, And then she started for the first time in 22 years !!(18/10-2016) On the first kick :-D The blue smoke from the two stroke oil in the gas started to fill the garage with everything else than oxygen... I took the bike outside and the first time driving a URAL was soon to be a fact :-D The bike still has all the tires and inner tubes that came with it from the factory(USSR Marked tires) I have changed all the oils and oil filter three times now to be shure that all of that 22 year old oil is flushed out of the system. Then after driving it around the farm a few times, I mounted the sidecar :-D Two wheels is fun but three wheels is something MUCH BETTER, Hard to describe :-D The bike had only 02357 km on the clock when I bought it, Now it has 02549 km on the clock and one Happy/Lucky owner :-D I found this forum to be a great help allready, The article "Setting up k63/65 carbs" Written by William Thomson gave me a new reason for buying more Locktite :-) The difference in idle and overall performance was highly noticeable :-) Pictures of the URAL will be uploaded to the Members Gallery ;-) Happy "Uraling" :-D

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Welcome to the Sidecar World!

We DO understand that feeling of riding on three asymmetrical wheels! Priceless!

Thanks for sharing your story.

I hope you straightened out the sidecar tub, too. It will be immensely useful, both on the farm and for your entertainment.

Keep sharing your story, please.


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Thank you for welcoming me to the great world of sidecars R.B.N. :-) Priceless is the only way to describe the sidecar feeling i agree :-D

Im trying to get a new/used tub for the sidecar, Because the tub is twisted. The first owner tried to straighten it, But he went to far and stretched the metal to much and he hammered it to death, So it will be cheaper and easier to find a replacement tub than to straighten the old one. If you take a look at the Members gallery there should be 31 pictures of my Ural 650 with the sidecar mounted, The pictures was taken today :-) And yes, I will keep on sharing my story :-)

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:-D Thats the kind of trip im planning to do in the future, Maybe next year? :-) A guy who lives in my neighbourhood said he would try to make room for a sidecar tub in his car (Toyota Hi-Ace) on the way back home from poland next month, So there is hope :-) If the tub from poland fails to arrive, Then its time for my backup .. There is a guy on Facebook who sent me some pictures of a complete sidecar in ok condition (Two small dents) Only problem is that he lives 800 miles away, Shipping in Norway is very expensive and i dont have time to take a day off from the farm to go get it myself either. :feelssogood: .. If that fails to, Then its beginning to look like i will run solo to Russia ;-) Thanks for the advice :cheers:

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