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Hey folks, I have Right 3rd Wheel (R3W) Steering Damper Kits ready to ship.


This is the finest Ural steering damper system on the market. I us top quality Spherical Rod End with a PTFE coated Raced, and Clear Zinc Plating. High quality zinc plated metric fasteners with self locking nuts. And quality damper from a well known automotive manufacturer. I hand make all my L-brackets from aviation grade 4130 L-channel steel for strength and durability.


R3W (Right 3rd Wheel) Steering Damper Kit is 100% bolt on. No welding or modifications of any kind.



A 100% refund if you return the kit in 30 days if you are not completely satisfied. No questions asked.


Total for this quality product, shipped to your door via. USPS Priority Mail is only $128.80 anywhere in the U.S. including Alaska and Hawaii. Ship world wide as well. Send your address an I will get you the lowest shipping rates.


To order just send me a message or email to sean0262@yahoo.com You can send a payment through PayPal or send a check to

Sean Gillespie

5068 Gunston Ln

Plainfield, IN 46168


This Product Will:

*Will reduce or completely eliminate all steering oscillation

*Will lessen Yaw in the initial acceleration and braking, reducing the amount of counter steering needed

*Will increase straight line tracking ability

*Will increase rider confidence, comfort and lessen fatigue

*Will reduce unwanted steering reaction when striking road imperfections such as pot-holes, road groves and uneven surfaces

*Will assist you in maintaining control of your Ural in and emergency situation


This Product Will Not:

*Will not Void your warranty

*Will not stick or dampen unevenly like friction disk units do

*Will not rupture, fail, leak and/or cause loss of control as the 2014 OEM dampers do when they fail

*Will not interfere with your steering ability if installed properly

*Will not interfere with you ability to control direction in normal or emergency situations

*Will not look out of place on your Ural like 2014 and up OEM dampers do


Rider Testimonies:

"DesertRat": This may be the best thing you can do for a Ural. The accel/decel yaw is almost completely gone. There's just enough to use in the curves. The whole rig feels more stable over bumps and potholes, it doesn't randomly change directions anymore, resulting in a far more confident rider. Sean is first class in customer service. He responded to my query very quickly, and actually shipped within an hour of my payment. His instructions are clear and concise, and left no doubt as to how to install the damper. Order on. You won't regret it.


"markdam": Super easy to install... Great pictograph and text step by step instructions. Reduces fatigue and jolts. Made any shimmy wobble or shake imperceptible. way more "planted " feel at speed.


"Navy TM": I installed one of Seans steering dampers on my Ural Tourist, and have put a little over 2,000 miles on the bike since installing, most of the mileage on the interstate highways traveling to the C.R.A.P. Rally (1600 miles) in Sanford NC. The damper removes about 50% (in my estimation) of the yawl one gets on acceleration and deceleration, plus when hitting unseen road hazards such as potholes the handlebars are not jerked out of ones hands. I am very pleased with the product, installation takes 15 or 20 minutes


"Flattop": I just put one on my 2012 GU, wow what a difference. If you have a friction washer you definitely need to convert to Sean's damper. The acceleration yaw is cut by 90% turning and accelerating (normal turn at slow speed) the yaw is very low and really makes the driving experience better.


"myklt8": Wow, my Ural handles like a sport bike now! Ok that may be a bit of an exaggeration, but it does make a huge difference.

All can say is get one, you will not be disappointed. Thanks Sean


"Lmo": First time out with Sean's damper installed. WHAT A FR'N DIFFERENCE!!! Totally different machine in all speed ranges. I can finally take a hand off the bars to WAVE at other sidecarists.


"URAL CT": Here's my assessment of the sean0262 steering damper. I was totally satisfied with its performance around town. But...I thought the real test would be my trip from Texas towards New Mexico, Colorado & back. A total round trip distance of 4,375 kms & to dispel any doubts, the damper performed admirably throughout the whole trip. Tracked straight & managed the road surface imperfections in a steady manner...solid as expected. What else can I say...it works! Yes folks...this damper is one of the better mods I've done to my 2007 Patrol. Good on ya Sean!


"airkooled": I put Sean's damper on my 2004 Tourist 3 weeks ago. 20 minute install and the best modification that I have ever done.

A whole lot less fatigue, no jerky handles bars on those unexpected pot holes. For the price I believe you can not go wrong. Thanks Sean.


"stagewex": If you have a 2013 or older rig with the friction damper this is like the ephipany of drilling the slides or taking out the cats or adding Modtop free-flow exhaust. It's the first real upgrade I have done in years since adding the new style branch pipes & perch rings. Simple solution but someone actually had to do it. Absolutely worth it. If you have a 2014 and newer it's been pretty apparent from all the complaints that while a nice attempt, the original damper spec'd by IMZ is was a poor choice... just not up to the job. And a somewhat newer style that is similar if not the same as sean's lacks the appropriate hardware to make it work right. If I had a '14,'15' or '16 I'd take him up on his "try it and if you don't like it return it" offer.




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From the photos, your steering damper appears to be only for leading link front ends.



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Hey RN, yes that is correct. As for now the R3W steering damper okay fits leading link front ends. Although I do make them for several other brands, I have not had the opportunity to put one on a Retro or older Deco or Tourist.

Thanks for your response.

Nice looking product.


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I am brand new to my Ural and have only been on it locally. It is different than a 2 wheeler and I opted to put one of Sean's stabilizers on right away. I reached out to Sean and he immediately responded, the stabilizer shipped that night and it was at my house a couple days later. It went on easy (much easier than a Scott's dirt bike stabilizer) and the rig rides great. Granted I am new to 3 wheels but I feel pretty confident that it's a big improvement. I think it was a great investment.

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