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$1000au for a tank. Then I have to paint it. Bull######!


How long is it since there was a Ranger with a green tank with white pinstripes? Not in my time... old stock at ridiculous prices.

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It pays to look around. I managed to get a Chang Jiang petrol tank here in NZ for NZ$70. Painting cost a lot more - I don't have the skill or the time to fool anyone with a home paint job so I outsourced that. Recently I bought a Steib S501 chassis for NZ$36 - and this off our equivalent of Craigslist, Leboncoin, etc (TradeMe here in NZ).

If you need something you will end up paying - not so much for the object but for the convenience of having it when you want it. If you don't need it at once then you can dictate the price...or at least have the upper hand in the haggling.

Mind you, if you think ex-Soviet bike prices are high try getting BMW /2 parts at affordable prices. Compare a set of Bing carbs vs a set of PZ28s for a real eye-opening experience....

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