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Hey There,


I am wondering if anyone from Oz has any info on the RMOA ?


I had a couple of emails with the secretary a couple of months back, but they seem to have gone off the radar?....just wondering if its still running?



Kev. :cool:

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G'Day Kev and Rob , I have bought a 1971 Jupiter 2 recently , my first Russian motorcycle and found this site a couple of weeks ago . I have a compete restoration in mind mostly because I bought a rolling frame with two motors in various box's , a spare petrol tank and a spare wheel . Looking forward to going for a ride on it in a few months . I'd be grateful for any information I can get on this model . Thanks .



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http://www.vintagebike.co.uk/pictures/1971-izh-jupiter/#.WZVAvlJ7EQE shows what it should look like and gives you a contact for another owner. http://cvkustoms.com/PDF/Planeta3repair.pdf also covers the Jupiter 2. http://www.izhmoto.ru/uploads/2/5/3/5/25353239/__13091dca0.pdf is a parts manual for later Jupiters and may prove useful.
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