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And this is why I end up with toggle switches...

Cpt Monster

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Ok....so I have a new 2007 Patrol...this is intended to replace the 1995 Sportsman I have been in a Hate/Love/Beg type relationship with for the last few years....


It was AMAZING....turn key, push button...and away we go YEAH!

until....sigh...until today.


I fear the Electrical Gremlins have found me...they always find me. Every bike/rig I have owned for the last 15 years at some point the stock loom just....decides Nope.


So here is the deal...I rode it around in the cold (and snow) up here in Chicagoland for the last month or so...never an issue.

Sunday, me and the fam went on a rousing ride...rig was awesome. Got home...parked it in the garage...worked a couple of days so no riding, then today had a break and some sunshine went out to the rig...and...NOPE.


Turning the key gets me all the running lights, headlight(both beams), horn, turn signals and the neutral and Alt light( if I engage the kill switch, the ALT light goes out.). Hit the starter button...nothing. No click...no grind...just...nothing. Lights don't even dim.


Kicker also brings no joy.


I checked the fuses in the tree, and they SEEM ok...but I then realize I have no idea what fuses goes to what system. Or what they are supposed to be rated at...

The 'Owners Manual' that came with the rig acknowledges there ARE fuses...and notes their location. But that is the end of the data. No amps...and certainly no indication of what fuses covers what system.

I am looking for a good Service Manual for a 2007 that has a readable wiring diagram, so if anyone has a link that works feel free to post it.



I SUSPECT in no particular order:

1) The Keyed Ignition is not making good connection, and not pushing power around correctly.

2) The Starter and/or Kill Switch are not pushing or grounding correctly.

3) The coil is not getting power. (Although why that would stop the starter...and doesn't the ALT light mean the coil is drawing?)

4) It is mad at me...and is waiting for me to apologize.



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Ok...so funny story.

I guess I am conditioned to ASSUME THE WORST.

If something happens...it must be catastrophic.


I pulled the left side cover...and a relay fell on my foot.

"Hmmm" says I. Plugged it back in...and we are off to the races.

Both that relay and what I assume is the headlight one are now zip-tied in place.


Once again...I am useful as a bad example...


Pardon my dumb-assery.

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