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Sheet metal swap?

Cpt Monster

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Ok...here is the deal.

I got a 1995 Sportsman that keeps breaking my heart to the point were my Wife said...'Just buy a newer one! I wanna RIDE!'

So I did....

Got a 2007 Patrol.

And...well...we have a problem.

It is too PRETTY!


We had the 95 sufficiently grimed up to our liking, and before we go at the new TOO SHINY sheetmetal with green scrubbies and flat rattlecan paint.....

We are debating doing a swap out of the tank/fenders/sidecar and maybe having a 'two mode machine'.


I figure the sidecovers are a no-go...but from just eyeballing the bolt-ups I don't see why the main sheets won't crossover....


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Oh...I believe you have More than 2 Rigs.

Personally I like Black and Shiny!! But For Grunge, I like the Blue Dnepr...so, as you see I am not a "green" , I'm superstitious. nor Camo fan.

Big help huh!!!


BTW that Deco looking Ural in Red on the Insurance ad is very Nice indeed!!! That and I want that Trailer!!!!!

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Thanks Terry.

That was exactly what I needed.

From eyeballing it without taking anything apart just yet I was pretty confident the sidecar and pusher fenders fit.

The tank was a concern really as I haven't yet pulled it off the 07, which is about to change I have a feeling....electrical gremlins showed up...grr....(That is gonna get it's own thread.... http://www.russianiron.com/forums/index.php?showtopic=16157)

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