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A Dutch dream.


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As some of you migt know, we here in Holland are one of the tallest races......

A friend of mine is nearly 2 meter and he has a dream, hij wants to ride on a Dnepr or a Ural to russia and back.

Well, I think it`s a stupid idea and quite inposible but....

An other thing about the dutch is that they are cheese-paring (###### I am dutch, why am I writing this, o well)

Okay, here is the Question, does anyboddy know a cheap way to modify the frame ore the seat, because I'm just thinking,

lenghen the :atombomb: :angry: frame by cutting it and weld in extension pieces but,...... o well he is dutch.......

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you can always tell a Dutchman, but mot very much :smileypopcorn:

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