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FS: Texas titled MT-16 non-running


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Looking to unload some projects, and hopefully this one can find a nice home.



Imported in 2005, ridden, neglected- I picked up in 2012. (see link below for condition)


Titled to be road legal in Texas, all documentation included.

It has not been transferred to my name, but if that is an issue I am more than happy to put it in my name before selling it.


Posted on its condition and issues here: http://www.russianir...showtopic=14299

Bike was stored inside- in this shop since these photos were taken. I am moving shops and need the space.


Pretty much how it sits now. Engine out- Jugs off. Tub and tank removed, rolling chassis. Salvageble parts collected and separated.

Also will include a decent sized order of new seals, bearings, gaskets, filters (~100$) from Moto-Boxer.


If there is any interest, I can provide additional photos (from what is in the thread). Also, I'm located just east of downtown in Houston if anyone wants to view.


Asking 800$






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Mark . I might be interested in that bike . how much of a hurry are you to move it.? The best I could do time frame wise would late January or early February to come dow there . Just to many pre arranged plans right now. Might could sweeten the price if you could wait til then. Sol

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how much of a hurry are you to move it.?


No immediate hurry- I've found a temporary spot for it, so keep in touch. If interested in coming down, I can detail photos, and parts list after the holidays calm down. Send me a board msg and I'll forward you all my contact info.




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Hi Ken Ulrich here, will be in HOU, in a couple weeks, if you still have it, email me at machrat@gmail.com or 715 297-3236 (cell) Thanks Ken

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