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I had 9.35 on a solo Ural M67 and it was ok, I think 10.35 it works good only on highways.


That sounds Backwards...The 9.35 should be Highway gearing....


For sidecar we have 8.37 gears, a ratio wich is to short for open road but very good in towns or offroad situations. The 9.35 is good for solo in all situations but is not good for sidecar.


With 10.35 gears I think you will have problems in towns, you will have always the impresion that you are in the wrong gear because you will not have enough power to accelerate.

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The decimal gear notation was new to me too.

I would have used a colon, such as 8:37 to prevent confusion with the other method that describes mathematical ratio.

But then someone would be asking what time it was...


'Learn something every day. That's good.


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