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Mechanical noise on right cylinder

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I have a problem with the right cylinder as it makes a clicking and clanking sound.

Also it is not possible to get it to run smooth when I try to adjust the carburator by running only on this cylinder.


I have adjusted the valves, set the timing, and can't see any apparent problems with the valve springs.



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I think I have diagnosed the problem.


It seems the exhaust valve shaft is worn where the collets sit, causing the spring retainer to sit too high on the shaft.

This again causes the valve guide end piece to go down to far in the spring retainer, and press on the retainer instead of the shaft.


I imagine the clanking sound comes when the collets then becomes a little loose and hits the valve guide end piece.


I might need a new exhaust valve if I can't make some bigger collets.


This is the exhaust valve.


And the intake valve.


Exhaust valve on the left.


All the parts.


And this is how I compressed the springs.


Btw, is it normal there are no seals anywhere on the valve shafts ?


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Normal for no seals. I almost ask if the valve caps were there but I saw them in that pic. I'd look to buy a valve, upper spring retainer and wedges. I bought 8 wedges and half were trash/unuseable. I had to reuse the best of the old ones with the new ones I got. I also matched them up for best fit on the valve stem and upper spring retainer.

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I actually cleaned and lapped both valves, then switched the wedges from intake to exhaust.

It gave enough clearance for the cap to sit on the valve.


The engine is much much smoother running now, and the idle was much higher than before.


After running it good and hot I let it cool and adjusted the valves again. Then was able to adjust the carburator much easier than before.

And the engine revved easier and felt more powerful.


But I think I will overhaul the complete engine in the winter as there was a scratch in the cylinder too, and the left side it properly not in any better shape.


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