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My rpoc MT16 is testing my patience... (won't run)

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this year, my MT16 wasn't as easy as usual to get up and running, fires up and runs for 2-10 seconds then dies. Like it empties the float bowls.


cleaned carbs, adjusted ignition , adjusted valves (they were all on the tight side)

then found out I had to do the fuel tank, more rust than I was comfortable with. Washed it out with acetic acid. Now waiting for a tank liner kit (bill hirsch)

New gas. cleaned carbs some more.

-bike still not wiling to stay running. Spark also seems erratic. Suspects my kill switch is acting up - and that the capacitor is starting to go out (saw spark jumping the points when I was checking the gap)


also it puzzles me that the left side plug wont get wet with gas even with chokes on full...


just needed to vent some frustration....

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That sliding kill switch provides power to the ignition and any faults in it will shut the bike down or cause low voltage. I had to disassemble mine and clean and repair it. There is a brass contact plate, spring with insulator and a small steel ball in there. The insulator was missing in mine and current went through the spring and ball into the steel detent plate/switch housing killing the bike. I had to replace the springs and insulators in mine.

If the condenser was bad it'd run like crap and yes your points would arc and burn but alot of times it isn't the condenser, just dirty points. I use a lil' points file on them. The points on my other bikes easily have 30,000+ miles on them. Every yr. I take a diamond nail file (the kind women use) to them and clean them up.

If you have that Russian coil that looks like a toilet paper tube wrapped in wire and cloth and made in Ivan's garage I'd suspect it. I get a big fat spark from a Harley coil but ANY dual outlet points coil from a bike would be an upgrade. Early Honda twins, Yamaha, Harley, anything! Are you getting at least 12V measured at the coil?

Stupid question but are you getting a GOOD fuel flow? Fuel flow not keeping up with demand and sucking the carbs dry after 10 seconds running?

Just my wild guesses. :beer!:

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Getting a good fuel flow after I cleaned out the tank. So that should be ok now.


a neighbor just passed by, had him have a close look at the plugs - no visible spark at all!


Coils are the red Ivan variety, Had 12.3V at the coil.

primary side measures 2.5 ohms and secondary was 5 Megaohms. The coil I took off was 5.2 ohms and 9.35kohms.


Kill switch: run position = 0 ohms , kill pos is 9 ohms. ..hmmmm...?


ohmed the capacitor, it appears to be ok (resistance rising as it charges)


Also pulled a plug cap to verify connection - then the threaded spike broke right off :feelssogood: only replacement cap I found was a resistor cap from an outboard. Ohmed the cap/lead from the coil - 5kohms / 0,5 kohms on the other side

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Secondary is 5000000 ohm? (5mega ohm) Way too high, sounds like an open winding in the coil. Normal points coils are usually in the 11-14K range on the secondary, I'm sure Russian coils are off that mark a little bit but yours is WAAAAAY off! :ohmy:


Oh, get some NGK 5K caps for the bike, they'll help reduce the arcing on the points, at least they did on my old Guzzi. Bike will still run with different ohm cap/wires.

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took my boat for a 2hr round trip to the nearest shop, to buy new spark plug caps + plug leads - only to find out they were closed... f**k

Yea, but hopefully your enjoyed a nice boat ride in a beautiful place!

And get to enjoy another such ride...


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