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bogs down when rpm drops


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I suspect jetting...My thoughts are, If you have K-65's the float is Not functioning properly, and the fuel level is too low/high..Solution? Walboro Needles in the float.


Thinking on this just now will edit in a bit.


Let's try to run this without the tubes to the air cleaner...Not in the dirt or gravel road!

I would like to know if running without the aircleaner makes it better or worse...or, Even exactly the same???


My logic says it will be worse...Meaning you are Not getting enough Fuel...But...I have CRS and am having to troubleshoot from afar....

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It does sound like a plugged air filter or maybe bad float level. If you have that mess that's called the stock air filter with the sock wrapped around it, it could be plugged up.

I have the K68's with a high flow filter element in the stock air box and it has alot of get up n go past the 3/4 throttle.

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I have to agree with RP... My K-68's are a source of trouble. Not to mention, I had one set I bought off EBay there were not real Pekar Brand, but knock off from China. I played with those for about a week, cleaning, tweaking, tuning and never could get them to idle of pull off of mid throttle. They went in the bin.


I installed Kaptex carbs and she runs a treat.. I pull down and clean new carbies as I have found debris,loose parts and bad float levels.

All the best,


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