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Izh 56


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Please refer to my previous topic for this posting.


These are photos of the Izh 56 for sale through my contact in Lituania. It is a 1959 model, with documents, and is running and currently being ridden. The engine has been rebuilt, my contact informs me, by a reputable specialist.


If you are seriously interested, the asking price is £1100 including delivery to you. Please study the photos carefully and read my previous post.


I will ask my contact why some sort of corrugated tube has been applied to the exhausts. You will want to know, I am sure.


Spares for these are still available but may require more effort to track down than for later IZH models.


My contact details are:


01255 435692


0776 3161903




Please note, Delivery to UK only. My contact lives in UK but came here from Lithuania


Regards, Richard




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Hello again,


I am replying to my own topic. My Lithuania contact tell me that the corrugations applied to the exhaust downpipes on the Izh 56 are to increase the surface area in order to cool the pipes. It is, he says, an old dodge that may Izh riders used. I am not sure of the effectiveness, myself, thinking that hot, expanding gases are more likely to expel themselves rearwards more rapidly than if they are cooled. Engine tuners use high temperature insulation to lag their exhausts for this very reason, i.e. to retain heat in the system nearest to the engine. Perhaps this is actually what we see here and my contact has misinterpreted the purpose.



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I have 2 of those right now, the header pipes are trashed on both of them. In fact they're trashed on every one I've seen & new replacements are extremely difficult to find. The pipe wrap may simply be cosmetic.

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