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This sounds silly, but is not the first time so here goes...went to pop into town, guess what , it wouldn't start, cranked and cranked...no way, now this isn't normal...in fact it is the first time ever!...early morning , clean carb bowls, nothing...check fuel flow, nothing....now this was running fine yesterday, and has been for ages, I went to my beloved points set, cleaned them ...nothing, just a pop and a fart from the silencers....checked plugs, loverly brown, still nothing, I am now perplexed.....this is all taking time...finally I check the timing, guess what it is out, not a little bit , but enough that it would not start....all the bolts are tight, and only when I took off the A/R unit and moved it,,,did she happily fire up as if nothing had happened!!....whilst swearing about her time had moved on till I only had a bit of time before everything shut...Parked up,....came back to find a guy waiting, to tell me that this daft old bat, had reversed into my bike, and he kindly gave me reg no of the offending old bat.....It occurred to me, tthat I must have been due an accident , which I had...and I cant help but wonder that if I had left earlier, that the accident may have deviated me from lifes path....I just cannot see how the timing could have changed like that, it is seriously pegged to the camshaft...I polished her when I got home, something went on...and now I,m confused...my mechanica head, is at odds with my heart... :huh2:

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