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MT-11 Ignition timing?

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I have about run out of "fixes" for my MT-11 Timing.

I am convinced that there is too much advance on the thing since it will "knock" under load ...especially on Take-off.

The Stock ignition Timer is all the way counter-clockwise in an attempt to get it at Full Retard. The Springs on the advance mechanism are "healthy" and the points are at like 16 Thou.

Since installing Walboro needles and Setting the carbs it starts very easy [one or two kicks] Idles and cruises just fine...Just that it Knocks on less aggressive take-off and if I dare lug it at all...it knocks some to tell me about it...

Don't Hate on me cause I mostly Ride Old Harleys...and I don't ride very aggressively..

Also Been Riding a 2007 Ural Tourist and it seems more "mannerly" at low speeds and Take-off....

Just need to know if maybe I should be looking elsewhere? Or...Should this old Bugger have premium [or Race] gas???

I'll be trying some High Octane Gas soon...Just wondering aloud what the collective experience is with Dnepr timing??



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There is mark on the flywheel for early advance.better to use stroboscop lamp.


Yes...But that is too much advance....Causes Knocking...I have already taken a Bit out by going all the way counter clockwise...

Anything else to be done?

I will report what I find when I run some Quality higher octane Race Gas to see if Octane is a Problem.

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As they say your experience may be different on my mt-16 I have type 3 ignition I have about 5000 km on high compression cyls on the right side on the left I had broken valve spring about 1500 km ago so reringed that side. My compression is about 135 to 140 on left and the right side is 160 or more I get a spark knock on the right so when I get back home I am going to pull cyls as from looking at the plugs the right has enough carbon I think is may be building up so anyway I have a couple plates like the old stroker plates for Harley ch and I am going to lower compression but anyhow my timing is retared also this don't help much and I do run today's premium 92 or 93 oct with 10 percent alcohol. But my decals look good.

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You could try bending in the little advance bobbins stops...to stop it giving too much advance??...just a thought!

...and whilst about it might check them marks....Boris might have been drunk!


Yea...Truthfully, I use the marks to get me close, then let the Engine tell me when it is "Happy".

Has always worked...and if the gas change don't work...I will elongate the slots to get less timing.

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  • 2 weeks later...

After further Review...I lengthened the notches to give me a bit more Retard in the timing...it helped, but, i was still perplexed...

Turns out the right Cylinder is "Lazy"...I have the Thing Synched, and Balanced...At Idle...the Throttles respond in Synch...But the Right Cylinder just ain't pullin' it's weight at "off idle"...steps right up at "rolling speed"...I'm gonna try to get that cylinder to respond as well as the left side!!!!

Some Fun Now!!!!

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Well...It is not fuel...I tried Racing fuel [higher octane] no help really...

Switched carbs [left to right] and Now...The left cylinder is Lazy...Here I been braggin my carbs are correct...and it seems I am Mistaken!

What I need is to get the one carb to respond like the "good" one!

More Fun!

Good thing is, it goes from midrange to "giddy-up" rather well!!!!!

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Ok...I finally found a Boogered tip on the low speed Mixture Adjustment screw.

Gonna have to get one from Ken...But, In the mean time I "cobbed" it back into shape, and it is a Jillion times better.

Made an odd...sort of like spark knock noise, worse than ever...so...In exasperation, I advanced the timing...just a bit more than "by the book"...Now everything is better than it has ever been. That odd noise at the beginning of forward motion is all but gone, and she picks-up better than I thought it was capable of.

Wait till I get that Idle mixture screw from Ken, I'm really gonna be grinning....

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