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Intro's seem over now. Please post in nuts and bolts for other tech queries. Makes it easier for folks to search the site.


Agree...Lets keep her Tidy. The search Function is Not very good [for me anyway]

While the "GI Joe" look ain't to my Liking...I know it is Very popular, and so I encourage you to get What you want, that Makes You Happy.

Just Please...Please! No RattleCan Flat Black!!!!!!

See ya In the "Nuta N Bolts Section"...pre 2001 or whatever it is Please....Thanks



Man! Ya know how many Times I had to Edit that little Didy???? I gotta get more Coffee into me.

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You could create a non 2wd MT-16 look-alike. Do what you like as far as looks, as these old gals are not going to Pebble Beach any time soon. As you know to check all the rubber stuff that you can since that kinda stuff goes first on anything. Fluids as well. Oil the crap out of the cables since they resemble a commando's wire saw. Lol. Never starve her for gas or hole a piston. Clean the electricals. I just recently ditched the nice but bulky connectors for bullets.


Look into the K65/K68 debate. It's similar to the Chevy/Ford debate, it's funny. There is a Mikuni set(s) out there that work. For the carbs, Walboro 82-85-7 float needle that gets rid of the dumb rubber o ring that melts in 5 seconds from our gasoline.


For more obscure parts across the pond, OldTimer Garage (Poland) is great, Ural Zentral (Germany), and Moto-Boxer (Poland/Spain). They are all trusted and I probably left out a few. Over here you have the Ural dealers for stuff and Ken Ulrich, Yuri (Cleveland and probably built the bike), and Lloyd occasionally.


Enjoy the company here and have fun with it and don't get too serious or listen too hard! :cheers:

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Sorry, Freudian slip, I mean to write about the washers on the needles, not the float tabs. I did order the walbro 82-85-7's. And absolutely NO flat black rattle can paint... Again, appreciate the warm welcomes and see you over at nuts n bolts.


Thanks, Gregg

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