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RIMC patch. Finally in


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I've noticed recently inquiries about the club patches. Got up with charlie23 and

ordered 25 sets of the large RIMC w/ rockers and 15 small RIMC patches.

I'm selling them at cost, if you want one let me know

I should have them available at the CRAP rally, if there isn't any problem with Customs and USPS.




large patch set, $33.00, extra $3.00 covers the fee PayPal charged on the order



small patch, $6.00



Guzzidude 1set & s patch

Goodinoff 1set & s patch

dmb 1set & s patch

cyclewarrior 1st & s patch

satdiver 1 set & s patch

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Got it off eBay. From this seller. Good communication and shipping was good. Im a large, 45 chest, but got an xl in case I wanted a hoody or something underneath. Fits well by itself and not too bulky, but still enough room for a jacket. I am going to put otterwax on it for waterproofing and a cool look.



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