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CRAP 2015


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Well, its time for CRAP again! For those who don't know, CRAP is the Carolina Rally and Potluck. It will be at Ole Gilliam Mill (http://www.olegilliammill.org/) On 1-3 May in Sanford, NC. This is a community rally where folks that live near here or drive in bring things needed and others can just come ready to camp and have fun. There is always good food and good times and just really need to be experienced to know exactly what it is about. We need a head count, so please post here if you will be attending. We charge $25 for the weekend and that gets you a camp site and food for the weekend. If you have any special food needs please let us know or bring it yourselves. Things needed will be:



dishes (please let us know what you are bringing)

door prizes

and anyting else needed for a good time.....

Hope to see you there

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Well, I'm gonna try and feel out how it would be if I was not at school for Spring Fest and the Musical tomorrow. I did plant a small seed a while ago, so I will post on the facial reactions and vibes I get. I really wanted to go last year esp. since Rich and Ken were both the, The Legends. If I can come I will try and bring the family. Dunno if Rowan is ready for camping and sleeping, so I may have to take the tent out into the yard and get him trained before hand. Lol. Good to see ya Dennis, been thinking of getting some shirts together.

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Looks like it is going to be a good one. If you live close and plan on bringing anything (food, ice, water, side items, ect) let me know so we can plan for the group. Thanks for all the support in the past and we'llkeep this thing going.....


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I am planning to be there some how......Ken

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