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Old Yamaha Trials Bike

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Has anyone ridden trials before? I recently purchased an old 1974 (first year) Yamaha TY250A.

It was painted by one of the previous owners with a spray can and I don't share his love for hammer textured grey paint.


For the exhaust I am going to use DuraHeat, and tough high temp coating produced by a local Wisconsin company and designed for firearms. I have been impressed with their other products and hope this is more durable than high temp paint.


The final colors will be red/white/black to match our family business logo. I'm excited to have saved this bike from being parted out.


If you have a story or two about trials riding please share! I've never tried it but I'm never too old for a challenge!


I've got more pictures on my website and will be adding as we go. I hope to be finished before Spring time.






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I acquired the bike from a friend in Milwaukee. I'm waiting for the frame to be sandblasted and I've got quite a bit done already. I'm also working on my '71 Ossa so until those are finished, my Guzzi project can't begin. I also just worked a trade with Ken Ulrich for a sidecar. Now my solo can be converted for rallies and camping trips.

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