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Ken Ulrich

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About three years ago I dropped out of aol, I left the new email address, several times,on this site, how ever, today I found over 2100 unread msg's in that mail box, look below for the correct addy........

Machrat@gmail.com Thanks..Ken Ulrich

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Too many things going on , This year I got some Russian bees, now have seven swarms, these bees originated in far eastern siberia, they have survived with out human help in the wild for thousands of years. As you may have heard, bees in this country are in big trouble ,with losses from mites, chemicals and of course bee health issues, the Ru bees have been here for about 18 years now and are proving to be far and away better than the cross bred mess of bees where no one paid any attention to the health and survive ability of bees. At one time I had about 125 swarms, they died one by one from 1996-97. I had my own health problems and then I lost Joy, and I just gave up. All the wild bees here in Wisconsin are now dead, most bee keepers lost all their bees. For three years on my farm I saw not one bee, when I had the orchard going, during bloom the place was buzzing with the bees, so I got back into it, have a total of 14 hives at this time, the Russian bees do better at all things, including staying alive in -30F winter Wisconsin weather......SOoooo a national meeting of USDA researchers, hugh bee operations, small bee keepers, in total about 150 people, had a two day work shop, in Medina Ohio, and it was great, Greater yet was the opertunity to pick up the solo Dnepr from Terry Crawford....Ahhhhh now the fun begins, and if the Big rider in the sky wills it, I hope to come to Fart next year, with "Sweet Thang" and the still un-named solo, have a dream of riding the "Dragon" on the solo......Life is still very good, and I intend carry on with it......Regards Ken :smileywaving:

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