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Water-cooled 650 Engine

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053127 is the gearbox number and is meaningless. 810400W0000149 is the engine number and tell us that the engine is an IMZ-8.104 made in 1998 and that it was 149 off the production line. Since the crankcase was the same for both air-cooled and watercooled engines I wouldn't assume that there were another 148 watercooled engines around.


The maker's plate already gave you that information. The barrels, cylinder head and rocker covers are unique and you won't find any spares. The gaskets you will probably have to make for yourself though the cylinder base gasket off a 650 should fit (watch for the oil return hole). The pistons are standard 650 type and the valves should be also (check the diameters in case they are 720/early 750 valves). The rockers are 720/early 750 type and the cylinder/head studs are 720 type.


If you've got the half height oil filter I doubt that you can get replacements. You'll either have to run without an oil filter (like the pre M-66 engines did) or use something like Raceways Ural Life Time Oil Filter System (PN10294) http://www.racewayservicespaa.com/ural-accessories-1.html see last item in A(21).

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Determining the age of a Ural or Dnepr is much like doing the same in regards to females of the speices, If it is pretty new (young) add a few years. If its older than dirt, subtract a few years, 'course yours truly is shifting toward to the latter, as I ramble thru the 80's...just talkin....Ken :smileypopcorn:

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