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Water-cooled 650 Engine

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Good evening ... I am Philip of Portugal and a proud owner of a ural, ural but this is a little different from the other models, as you can see in the photos.

I bought it to a collector, having the same said that the bike had been an exhibition in Cuba and that would be rare model in relation to the radiator to be cooled and liquid.

The rare being has its good and bad things and I am now in bad, because I need to know more about this engine model, because I need to get parts to be able to start some asphalt


From already thank you for your attention.





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Pretty rare, I doubt if more than 50 were ever made. What parts do you need? If it's anything to do with the cooling system, then you're probably out of luck. From memory, those watercooled engines used a special oil filter which was half the length of the standard filter and are probably unavailable. You also have the Russian 500W alternator which has its own problems.

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I have seen quite a few of the water-cooled Urals, but they were ALL used in the Irbit Ural Factory. Most were on tricycle bodies, for moving goods throughout the factory.


I suggest you contact Irbit Motor Works of America


and ask them if they can help with information and parts.


One of the The Factory Owners (also IMWA CEO and chief Boss Man), Ilya Khait, can be contacted through IMWA and might be the best person to help you with your "escaped" water-cooled Ural.


Please let is know what you learn! This will be interesting.


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the asweer from ural america:


This is what I received from the factory:

Accurately identify this bike is impossible. No documents at the factory.

This Ural motorcycle with an engine of 650 liquid cooling. 650 liquid-cooled engine mounted on tricycles and ATVs, as well as optional on the different models of the Urals.

Engine 650 - IMZ-8.104 produced approximately between 1993 ... 1998.

Engine 650 - IMZ-8.124 produced approximately between 1998 ... 2000.


Sorry, this is all that I received.


Patricia Kelsey

Administrative Assistant

Irbit Motorworks of America

Ural Motorcycles


1-425-702-8484 #100


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If you could list what parts you need and why you need them, it would make it easier to help you.


I rang a friend who knows an awful lot about Urals. He said that there are three possible engines and that the major difference is the pistons.


IMZ-8.104 650cc, 78mm flat-top four ring piston, 7.0:1 compression, petrol 76-80 RON

IMZ-8.124 650cc, 78mm domed three ring piston, 8.8:1 compression, petrol 93 RON

IMZ-8.110 720cc, 82mm domed three ring piston, 8.8:1 compression, petrol 93 RON


Look at the steering neck of the bike and see if there's a manufacturers plate. If it's in Russian, look for the word двигател. It should have the code for the engine as well as the date of manufacture.

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I have been talking with staff-boxer engine in an attempt to find parts for my bike, but basically will be:

all joints, head, cylinder, complete valves, pistons complete ...


The maker's plate shows that your bike is an IMZ-8.1030 built in 1998 with an IMZ-8.104 engine. It should be an IMZ-8.1033 but that's neither here nor there. The engine is a 650cc, with flat top pistons, a compression ratio of 7.0:1, producing 23.5 kW at 5600 rpm and 44.1 Nm at 3600 rpm. It is designed to run on petrol/benzine of 76-80 RON.You could rebuild the engine with domed pistons giving you a compression ratio of 8.8:1, producing 26.5 kW at 5600 rpm and 44.1 Nm at 3600 rpm. It is would designed to run on petrol/benzine of 93 RON.


The pistons and valves look to be standard Ural 650 parts. The rockers look like Ural 750 parts. You're not going to find new cylinder heads or barrels so refurbish what you've got. The standard Ural 650 base gasket should fit. You should be able to modify an aluminium head gasket to fit, or a later 750 head gasket, otherwise you need to make a copper head gasket and anneal it. Talk to an engine reconditioning company about that.

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The designer of the watercooled engine may be able to help you with some parts. His name is Viktor Nikolaevich Zavyalov. After he left IMZ he made a conversion kit for 650 engines http://kbmtc.ru/W-650-7.htm


E-mail address is info@kbmtc.ru Write in Russian only, use Google Chrome or Yandex to translate and keep the words simple. Run your e-mail through http://imtranslator....h/translation/# to make sure it makes sense.

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